About Us

Ransomware Readiness, Assessment Services

  • Making sure your company data is protected from cybercriminals has never been more important given the fast growth of ransomware.

  • Our service focuses on preparing you to stop ransomware, recognise it, react to it, and recover from it. We assess your systems, create control upgrades, and offer repair advice.

About Us

Ransomware has to be stopped now!

  • As ransomware spreads quickly, it is more important than ever to secure your company’s data from cybercriminals.
    Our service is on getting you ready to stop, find, react to, and recover from ransomware.
  • We do system testing, create control upgrades based on preliminary results, and offer remedial advice and assistance to assist you in protecting your organisation from highly skilled cybercriminals.
  • To optimise your recovery time in the case of an attack, you may also get in touch with us to learn more about our Incident Response retainer service.