Australian Cyber Forensics: Navigating the Digital Crime Scene with

Australian Cyber Forensics

Introduction:  As we advance deeper into the digital age, the nature of crimes and their investigations is undergoing a profound transformation. Traditional crime scenes with fingerprints and footprints are giving way to digital footprints in the vast world of cyberspace. Enter the realm of cyber forensics. In this piece, we, at, explore the intricacies […]

Quantum Computing and Cryptography: Shaping the Cyber Sky of Tomorrow

In the ever-expanding universe of cybersecurity, there looms a new horizon that brings both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. It’s the merging worlds of quantum computing and cryptography that are set to reshape our digital landscape. In this Cyber Sky exclusive, we’ll explore the quantum revolution and its potential impact on our cryptographic frameworks. Part 1: […]

The Digital Frontier: Defining Cyber Security in a Hyper-Connected World


As we delve deeper into the heart of the digital age, it is becoming increasingly crucial to consider the cyber security implications of our hyper-connected world. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts and experiences as the founder of Cyber-Sky, a leading cyber security firm in Australia. As we delve deeper into the heart […]

How Vulnerable Are Smart Cities to Cyber Attacks?

Smart City

Smart cities integrate cyber-physical technologies and infrastructure to create environmental and economic efficiency while improving the overall quality of life. There is going to be a paradigm shift in what we experience and what we come to expect from the cities around us. In times to come, smart cities will provide businesses with unprecedented economic opportunities. […]

CYBER NOMICS-An International Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal

Cyber Nomics

Cyber nomics journal aims at meeting the growing demands for understanding and addressing new security threats to real-world Cyber-attacks, Cyber Threats, Cyber threat Intelligence, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Darknet, and Crypto Currencies to the threats infrastructures critical to national security. The journal publishes articles and reviews in the areas including, but not limited to: Essential reading for […]